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Electronic Transactions

Electronic transaction enables instant secure paperless transaction at anytime and anywhere, without the need for your customers to wait in a long queue. E-Transaction improves efficiency and accelerate your business growth.

Benefits of E-Transaction Services

Benefits for Banks and Business:

• Accumulate “fee based” income, as a result of “sharing fee” received by banks from successful transactions.
• Simplifies bank operations in providing payment transactions services.
• No additional charges for every additional biller.
• Low investment cost by Banks and Businesses.
• Payment fee based on transactions.

Benefits for customers:

• Increase customer services by providing secure, easy, instant and flexibility to commit e-payment transactions.


E-transactions Platform is an end-to-end IT services from telkomsigma in supporting the needs of the client’s to e-banking and financial transactions services. This service provides benefits to customers in facilitating financial transactions using ATMs, EDC or on-line.

E-transactions services consist of LINK and SERA.
 In 2012 the development of infrastructure and increase of E-Platform users both from businesses and customers, contributed to an increase in the number of transactions and the addition of outlets of each services.



LINK is an ATM switching system for transactions between members of HIMBARA (Association of the State Owned Banks) which is managed by telkomsigma. LINK includes more than 22,000 ATMs across Indonesia and in 2012 the number of transactions thru LINK channels totaling 110.35 million.

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SERA is a payment gateway service that provides the Financial & Banking industry ease and efficiency in processing e-payment transactions between banks, businesses, and customers. In 2012 transaction using SERA services totaled 45.65 million transactions.

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