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Enabling consumers easier, flexible and instant transaction services while Banks & Businesses are able to increase fee-based income.


“Electronic transactions Advantages and deterrents”

Paying and purchasing services has never before been easier as almost every bank and businesses in the country has offered or considered offering e-transaction service capability as standard feature to their consumers, via modern delivery channels such as ATM, mobile phone (SMS banking), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and internet. In the hope to provide improve services to consumers while obtaining profitable income from fee-based transactions.

Nevertheless, significant challenges do exist, especially for smaller banks & businesses to obtain increased Fee-Based income by utilizing e-transactions: Providing online bill payment is expensive, requiring large investment in technology is to add and develop the Delivery Channel.

Additional Billers thru direct cooperation requires acquisition, which are time consuming and results in high operational costs. Other challenges in obtaining Fee-Based income by utilizing e-transactions are high transaction costs when the amount of transactions is still minimum.


SERA Overview

Bridging banks and companies in shared switching system, SERA is a payment gateway service that provides Banks and Businesses ease and efficiency in processing e-payment transactions between banks, businesses, and customers.

SERA can improve customer services in conducting payment transactions, such as bill payments and purchase phone credits, etc. Also increase fee-based income due to sharing fee received by banks for successful transactions and improve bank’s operations.

More than providing a switching platform, SERA essentially functions as aggregator that provides a single point of contact between banks and billing companies as well as takes over the most crucial and critical duties in bill processing: reporting and settlement.

SERA Benefits

Benefits for Banks and Business:

• Investment

Relatively low initial investment. Investment costs can be minimize with the “sharing concept”.

• Win-win Solution Concept

Potential increase form Fee Based Income. The more customers’ makes payment transaction, the larger the Fee Based income.

• Acquisition Biller

Biller acquisition process conducted by SERA. Users are not charged fees for Addition Biller.

• Efficient Partnership Agreement

Faster time to market. SERA users do not need cooperation with each Biller, simply only through telkomsigma.

• Support Contact Center

24×7 Care Customer Service / Helpdesk Support

• Reconciliation and Settlement

Reconciliation process with the Biller performed by SERA. Daily settlement can be done by SERA Users with Banks appointed by telkomsigma.


SERA Features

• Banks and businesses can use Fee-Based Income to increase investment in further IT development, to expand channels and services.

• SERA is a payment gateway solution that enables banks easier and efficient way to process e-transaction payments.

• SERA process settlements to billers.

• SERA as an Aggregate Biller for partnering banks.

• SERA’s “Sharing Concept” minimizes investments for Banks and Businesses to obtain a modern delivery channel system.

“Shared Channel” Architecture

SERA’s “Sharing Concept” minimizes investments for Banks and Businesses to obtain a modern delivery channel system.

Services were developed with the concept of “sharing” where the entire developed applications can constantly be utilize by the entire community while maintaining the principle of confidentiality of data, each transaction in accordance with the rules and regulations by Bank Indonesia.



SMS Banking

SERA SMS Banking service provides facilities such as balance inquiry, transaction information, transfer funds, and payment / purchase of product service provider (Biller) in real time and online that can be used by customers of the Banks who are a member of SERA.

Customers can perform banking transactions 24 hours by sending SMS with a certain format to SERA access number 3388.

Currently can serve transactions fro Telkomsel, XL, Smartfren, Indosat, Telkom Flexi and Esia providers.

System Specifications

Provides online banking information from Core banking system

• Provide 2 types of transactions:

PULL SMS (SMS is sent from the client)

PUSH SMS Notification (SMS sent from Sera)

• One Mobile number can only access one account number

• Keywords sent by customers are accordance with the approved format (small and large letters are considered the same)

• To maintain the security of transactions the system ask the customer to confirm the transaction by entering 2 digits of the TIN at random from the customers 6-digit TIN.


Features of Pull and Push Notifications

PULL SMS – Transaction Banking:

• Savings Balance Information

• Information last 3 transactions

• Interest Rate Information

• Transfers between accounts (book-entry)

  PUSH SMS – Notification:

• Registration SMS Banking notification

• Change TIN / HP Numbers notifications via ATM

SERA Batch

SERA Batch is the development product of SERA, which allows telkomsigma’s Business Partner easy batch phone credits purchasing transactions at a certain period during a continuous period of time.

Types of Sera Batch Transactions

Type of transaction that is supported by SERA Batch are all features that exist in the SERA’s purchasing transactions of phone credits, such as:

  • Telkomsel:  Simpati & As
  • XL: Regular & Xtra
  • ESIA
  • Smartfren
  • AXIS
  • Indosat

To Denomination of each product refers to the agreement between telkomsigma and Business Partners.

Over 25 Years of Experience

PT Sigma Cipta Caraka [telkomsigma] has experience in the field of Information Technology services to the financial and banking industry for over 20 years. And is trusted in managing HIMBARA’s (Association of State Owned Banks, Bank Mandiri, BNI, BTN, BRI) ATM Switching system with over 22.000 ATM galleries across Indonesia.

SERA is a solution that operates 24 x 7, supported by telkomsigma’s data centers that meets international standards in terms of quality assurance management products and services based on the ISO 9001:2008 certification and management system information security based on ISO 27001:2005 certificate.