Dec 12
AlphaBITS Telkomsigma

AlphaBITS Awarded as The Best Product Innovation in International Innovation Awards 2019 (IIA)

Singapore – Telkomsigma’s AlphaBITS Next Generation has awarded as the best product innovation at the 2019 International Innovation Awards (IIA). This award has become the AlphaBITS Next Generation’s achievements as an innovative digital banking platform that has supported Banks in providing services for customers.

“This appreciation has become the result of our customer trust has given to Telkomsigma. It’s also prove us (Telkomsigma) to continuously give an innovative banking technology, not only in Indonesia but also Regional”, stated Sihmirmo Adi, CEO of Telkomsigma.

Until now, more than 15 banks and 100 micro banking (BPR) have given their trust in Telkomsigma banking solutions. Back in 1989, AlphaBITS became the first local core banking system (CBS) in Indonesia.

For 30 years, Telkomsigma has been working to support the banking business. Telkomsigma always make the development of AlphaBITS to the latest version, called AlphaBITS Next Generation (NG). This service enables Banks to operate digital banking system and can be integrated with other platforms for both conventional and Islamic banks.

The AlphaBITS NG service system has a high flexibility, especially regarding government regulations or policies in a country. In another, AlphaBITS are not only enable to implemented in Indonesia, but now it has also been implemented by several banks in Philippines.

“The next development of AlphaBITS NG, we have prepared a digital banking platform that is able to facilitate banking services through the integration of various platforms, both e-commerce, online payment and fintech services”, said Mirmo.

The latest version of AlphaBITS NG also supported by Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology that will add more value for banks in providing customer experience, as well as blockchain technology that will increase the value of efficiency and agility in carrying out banking service processes.

AlphaBITS also provides a cardless transaction services with a unique code generated by the system. It enables customers to make cash withdrawals from an ATM machine using the code. “We also guarantee the customer’s security system by providing the ability to block an ATM cards via mobile apps without the need to confirm to the bank contact center”, added Mirmo.

As The Preferred Digital Transformation Partner, Telkomsigma will continue to develop banking technology, which is the main foundation to continue to support the banking and financial industry business in Indonesia and the Regional.