Our team is the dream team that reflects the great synergy of professionalism, expertise and solid experience that Telkomsigma has been known for in more than two decades. We are dedicatedin providing winning business solutions according to ICT development for various industries such as financial, banking and many others. We have established an excellent reputation as the only local company to provide integrated ICT solutions and services in Indonesia. It is through this reputation that we have established a solid foundation needed for our team to propel forward and achieve further success.


Zulhelfi Abidin, who was born in 1962, took his undergraduate study at the Faculty of Informatics, Bandung Institute of Technology and continued his Master program in Computer Science at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Started his career as a lecturer at University of Indonesia, he continued his career in Banking industry in 1990 and joined Bank Bukopin, Bapindo, BRI Syariah, and BRI. In 2017, he joined TELKOM and served as a Director of Network & IT Solution until now, and officiates as a president commissioner of Telkomsigma since 2018. Previously, he took a role as a president commissioner of PT Infrastruktur Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom Infra).



Sihmirmo Adi served as President Director of Telkomsigma since June 2019. Previously, He dedicated himself as a part of Telkom Indonesia with more than 12 years of experiences, and took a role as Director of Data Center and Managed Services Telkomsigma in 2018. During his career journey, He successfully lead and collaborated in several mega project in Telkom Indonesia. Mirmo has completed his bachelor degree of Electro Engineering at Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS), and has an excellence competencies in Project Management and IT Strategic Planning.

Message From CEO

Along with the technology 4.0 based industry that continuously grow in a rapid clip, Telkomsigma is committed to strengthen the position as the leading in Indonesian ICT industry by presenting innovative solutions and make a significant contribution to bring the industry into the future.

Telkomsigma consistently strive to move forward. We have a big vision to become the preferred digital transformation partner, and maintaining our position as the trusted partner that enable to support the industry through an End-to-End ICT solutions.

Telkomsigma is ready to present a comprehensive ICT based solution that specifically comply to all of industry needs.  We proudly to present our portfolio business into 6 segments, starting from Data Center, IoT, Big Data, Core Banking, Security, and also Digital Environment.

As a subsidiary of TELKOM Indonesia, with the competencies in the ICT Industry and supported by our experience and existing infrastructure, Telkomsigma will become the main contributor in advancing TELKOM Group’s business portfolio (TIMES – Telecommunications, Information, Media & Entertainment, Services), especially “I & S” (Information & Services). With TELKOM Group’s “working spirit” of: SOLID, SPEED, and SMART, we hope to build our values and maintain our position as the leading End-to-End ICT Company in Indonesia. Through the dedication in human development and implementation of international standards and processes, Telkomsigma is committed to serve our valuable clients by providing the highest quality solutions.

In 2020, we will encounter even greater challenges. But we believe that with our strategic thinking and perfect planning, we have a high optimism to face up the challenges and achieve all the opportunity in the future.


Shmirmo Adi – Chief Executive Officer


Judi Achmadi

Devindra Kamal

Zulhelfi Abidin
President Commissioner

Lis Listari Sutjiati

Alip Priyono


I Wayan Sukerta
Director of Solution Delivery

Sihmirmo Adi
CEO Telkomsigma

Muhammad Suhaendry
Director Human Capital and Finance

Tanto Suratno
Director of Sales