Telkomsigma: Digital Services Provider Indonesia

Telkomsigma’s digital services are currently focused on developing specific solutions for customers in the digital platform such as IoT development, Cyber Security, Big Data Solution, and Immersive Technology.

Telkomsigma’s Digital Services are categorized into:

Cyber Security Solution

An information security service applied to a digital system and its network that aims to prevent hacking or detecting any illegal activity in an information based system. Cyber security service in Telkomsigma includes managed security services, managed detective & response, professional services, data security and security development.

IoT Development Solution

The best IoT development solution provider with integrated development starting from censor layer to application, as well as IoT development solutions such as analytics, management application, and automation.

Big Data Solution

Providing big data solutions in implementation and development starting from data creation, acquisition, info processing, as well as business process. Furthermore, big data solutions also include managed analytics, consultation, and support.

Digital Experience

A group of products consisting of Digital Technology and Content Creatives that combine Art & Culture-Technology-Nature, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Assistance,Video Projection (Video Mapping, Water Screen, Hologram, Interactive Wall Projection), IoT.