System integration solution

End-to-end IT Services Solution to Optimize Your Business

As leading Indonesia’s ICT company supported by certified professionals, reliable infrastructures, and experiences in developing software, application, and IT services for more than 30 years, Telkomsigma comes as the preferred digital transformation partner that committed to continuously encourage industry’s business growth with the most relevance and reliable IT based technology.

At this time, Telkomsigma IT Services capability are including:

Microsoft partner software

IT Implementation

We completely cover IT project-based implementation services as installing, developing, securing, and customizing IT solutions. Integrating with the existing IT application or infrastructure.

Professional System Integrator Service

IT Outsourcing

Our IT outsourcing professionally manage all or some of the customer’s information technology system (infrastructure, network, security, and application), and operate in all premises according to the agreed upon SLA.

For maximum results, we also provide business platform services in application, including manage the operation from customer’s perspective such as batch processing in the banking industry.

Hardware Support Telkomsigma

IT Support

Our services to simplify every IT requirement in the form of proactive and reactive support towards the infrastructure, software, application and network. Also included in this service are maintenance and training.

IT Consulting

Telkomsigma IT Consulting services focus on technology consulting that is more inclined to assess and technology development strategies for customer’s business process optimization. These services include IT Strategy Governance Consulting, Application Design, Infrastructure, Security, and Networking.

Check Out Our Product Line-Up in IT Services Portfolio:


  • AlphaBITS Core Banking
  • SATU Core Banking
  • Olibs Core Banking System
  • Core Finance
  • Arium Reporting
  • Olibs Reporting System
  • Arium Digital
  • Olibs Switching & Surrounding System
  • Finance Support Solution
  • ERP Merah Putih
  • Ingenium Series
  • Transaction Base Service Payroll
  • Mobility Solution
  • Travel Reservation System
  • Pointer New Generation
  • Travel & MICE Event Management
  • SAP Software*
  • IBM Software*
  • Oracle Software*
  • Microsoft Solution Software
  • Software Solution 3rd Party
  • Custom Application Development


  • IT Infrastructure Manage Service
  • Hardware Infrastructure Solution
  • Oracle Hardware*
  • Hardware Solution 3rd Party (GTS)
  • Civil Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing (GTS)


  • Communication Link
  • Managed WAN
  • Software Defined Network (SDN)
  • Network Equipment Managed Services*
  • Network Equipment Solution

Professional Services

  • Monitoring Services
  • Backup & Restore Service
  • Batch Processing
  • Tape Safe Keeping
  • Olibs IT Operation Management
  • Space Rent (GTS)
  • Infra, Network & Security Consulting
  • Design and Building (GTS)
  • Pointer Convention Organizer MICE IT Training

Core Banking Software Alphabits NG

Telkomsigma flagship product for banking industry. Alphabits NG is designed and developed to support digital banking, your current and future business.  This product has been recognized by Gartner in 2018 as one of the core banking systems that has complete business functionalities to support retail and corporate banking.

Reporting Services

Our solution to produce Management Information Services for top level management, analytical & operational report, such as CAMEL Reports, Financial Statement Reports etc. User can see Graphical User Interface reporting.

ITM Core Switching

Since 1989, Telkomsigma has been partnering with Euronet as the ITM software distributor in Indonesia. We have been trusted to give the local support and maintenance for the Indonesia and South East Asia. All of the development and local customization in Indonesia has been handled by Telkomsigma to offer an easiness and quick way of implementation.

Consumer Asset Management System (CAMS)

Application that helps the bank to manage indirect loan. There are 3 types of indirect loan supported by this system: Loan Channelling, Joint Financing and Asset Purchase. This is our own application and already implemented in some major banks in Indonesia.

Arium ERP

Arium Treasury

An end-to-end solution that suits any bank’s treasury unit covering all process at the front, middle and back-office activities. Our modules are including Money Market, Bonds, Repo, BI Facilities, and Forex transactions.

Arium Loan Origination

Arium Loan Origination is a comprehensive and flexible loan origination system that serves to support loan application processing for banks and other financial institutions. Arium Loan Origination is available in online Apps. Enables people to access system at any time.

Arium PSAK

The IFRS solution we provide to keep the bank compliant with the latest PSAK regulations. Telkomsigma provides relevant and comprehensive products and services for the banking industry through the PSAK ARIUM application following the requirements of PSAK 71 issued by the regulator.

DigiX: Delivering IT Solution

Telkomsigma realizes that as the company grows, we are demanded to meet our customer expectations in providing quality services for them. Therefore, we continue to expand our presence in major Indonesian cities in order to provide more accessibility and flexibility to our customers as well as continually improving on our services.

DigiX – Omnichannel Management

The DigiX Omnichannel is designed to fulfil banking needs of Omnichannel solutions, for now and future. All banking channels as internet banking and mobile banking will be managed by using Back Office Omnichannel Management in one omnichannel entity that run on the DigiX omnichannel platform.

DigiX – Digital Mobile Banking & Internet Banking Individual

Level up your banking process from traditional channels into the new digital and open banking era with Open API adaptation, microservice, cloud container infrastructure and additional new digital features with biometric and digital signature security.

DigiX – Corporate Internet Banking (CMS)

DigiX Corporate Internet Banking offers you an easy way to make banking 70% faster, simpler and smarter.  Powered with an additional Soft Token application that will replace your obsolete hard token device. Supported by a comprehensive platform to manage every bank and customer’s requirement.

DigiX-Merchant Management (Mobile Merchant)

Let’s make your transactions easier in all merchants and outlets which already used QRIS from Bank Indonesia.  By using this mobile apps, merchant will be able to replace the functions of EDC hardware.