Present to Provide a Reliable, Versatile, and Limitless Cloud Computing Services in Indonesia

Through synergy and collaboration with Telkom Indonesia, Telkomsigma is present to provide a Reliable, Versatile, and Limitless Cloud Computing Services in Indonesia

Supported by an extensive network infrastructure and combined with Telkomsigma’s best practices in terms of software, data center, hosting server, and managed IT services, we are committed to delivering satisfactory services to our multi-segment customers through operational excellence.


Currently, our solutions are broadly implemented in various segments, including enterprises, small & medium businesses, and startups to accelerate the company’s business growth.

Telkomsigma’s Cloud Portfolio are classified into 4 specific parts with details as follows:

Private Cloud

Is a hyperconverge infrastructure service in a dedicated rack that can be customized and separated from the other users.

Private Cloud Service Provide Service as follows :

  • Dedicated Private Cloud

Cloud Services
Cloud services cover professional services such as system integration services and day-to-day operations of the customer’s cloud services such as IT managed services, Problem Handling, Monitoring, and other services.

Professional Cloud Services Provide Service as follows :
  • Cloud Professional Services
  • Cloud Partnership

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Telkomsigma’s Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) provides ready-to-use application service with a pay-per-use scheme that can be accessed anytime and anywhere using the internet as a collaborative tool to support business productivity.SaaS is available from a variety of service applications that are able to be adjusted to client needs.

SaaS provides services such as:

  • Enteprise Application
  • Storage Application

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
Telkomsigma’s Cloud, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides virtual server infrastructure (CPU & RAM, storage, and Network Services) that can be used for a variety of needs such as production system, development, testing, and backup.
IaaS is available from various modules that are able to be adapted to the needs of the client. 

IaaS provides services such as:

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