For the past 3 decades, since the beginning of IT managed services and data center solution offered by PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka (Sigma) in 1997, Sigma has transformed significantly as the digitization partner for Indonesia broad industries. Even more since Sigma has 100% acquired by PT. Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk through TelkomMetra in 2010 and formed as Telkomsigma.

Telkomsigma also committed to becoming a sustainable ICT company that keep innovating in this growing and broad industry, as well as with the increasing demand of ICT services that certainly in line with our big vision as “The Preferred Digital Transformation Partner”.

Currently, Telkomsigma has an essential role in this emerging digital industry. We leverage our capability to maximizing digital transformation that is realized through our new business portfolio i.e. Cloud, Data Center, IT Services, and Digital Services.

With over 450 clients from various industries, more than 700 certified IT professionals, and best practice data center infrastructure with Tier III and Tier IV standards, Telkomsigma is completely ready to actualize Telkom Indonesia big vision as the leading Digital Telco Company.

Later on, Telkomsigma data center portfolio will be further developed by PT Sigma Tata Sadaya, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk


The Preferred Digital Transformation Partner
  • Enhancing internal capabilities to gain value as a leading trusted premium IT services in Indonesia
  • Focusing on service quality, customer engagement, to determine long term partnership with enterprises
  • Establishing digital business platform to leverage digital transformation initiative in many enterprises


Service Culture
Serve our clients in the best possible way to be a pro active, responsive and fast in providing solutions for their business needs

Innovative Solution
Create solutions that are innovative and meet the business requirements of our clients

Good Governance
Conduct our business with integrity and in compliance with globally accepted standards

Market Dominance
Strive to be the leader and the best in the market that we enter

Always On
Manage client service levels based on systems and infrastructure that function uninteruptedly across multiple data centers