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Whistleblowing System

Telkomsigma provides a Whistleblowing System (WBS), for stakeholders to report suspected misconducts. Telkomsigma is committed to process and follow up incoming eligible reports.


Whistleblowers are advised to provide us with as much detail as possible describing the wrongdoing (what), who is involved (who), when and where the incident took place, how it occurs (how), and the preliminary evidence.


Concerns that could be expressed through the Whistleblowing System include:

  1. Corruption, including, but not limited to conflicts of interest, bribery, illegal gratuities, financial extortion, and other acts prohibited by the Anti-Corruption Law and its amendments.
  2. Asset misappropriation/abuse of power, such as, theft or embezzlement of cash and inventory, other valuable assets.
  3. Manipulation of financial and non-financial information.
  4. Acts that violate applicable laws and regulations, Company policies, corporate ethical guidelines and agreements.
  5. Ethics violation/unethical behavior, including, but not limited to discrimination, intimidation, sexual harassment, providing misleading information to the public that may harm Telkomsigma Group's reputation or cause economic loss directly or indirectly.


Protection for Whistleblowers
As part of Telkomsigma’s commitment to safeguarding the confidentiality of shared information, we will:
  1. Guarantee that the identity of the whistleblower remains confidential.
  2. Guarantee that the information in the whistleblower’s report is kept private. 
You can submit a concern through:
Reporting Stage
What is Telkomsigma's Whistleblowing System (WBS)?

WBS is a mechanism for disclosing action carried out within Telkomsigma, that allegedly violates the law/regulation/policy, unethical/immoral, causes financial/non-financial loss to the Company, or causes harm to its stakeholders.

What is a Whistleblower?

A person who discloses information about an act perpetrated within Telkomsigma, that allegedly violates the law/regulation/policy, is unethical/immoral, causes financial/non-financial loss to the Company, or causes harm to its stakeholders.

How do I report?


  1. Telkomsigma Whistleblowing System provides the following reporting channels:
    1. Website: https://www.telkomsigma.co.id/ or directly to the Report button;
    2. email: whistleblowing@sigma.co.id.
  2. In the case the reported party is a leader/member of Telkomsigma Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners or its supporting committees, employees serving in Telkomsigma Internal Audit function, it is recommended to report the concern via Telkom Integrity Line (TIL):  https://id.deloitte-halo.com/telkomwbs/.


Why do I have to report a concern?

Disclosure made in good faith can help build a healthy organizational culture aligned with Telkomsigma’s values, increase stakeholder trust, and create collaborative work environment both within and external to Telkomsigma.

May I choose not to reveal my identity?

Certainly, you may report a concern fully anonymously. However, we advise you to at least, provide a contact number or email address that can be contacted in case we need to clarify information about the reported concern or to continue our communication.

Will the information I provide be kept confidential?

Telkomsigma Whistleblowing System has robust policies and procedures to maintain the confidentiality of information and the process of handling reported concern. All information, documents, and processes of WBS are only used on a limited manner, unless required by law or profession.

Will I be informed about the status of my report?

Yes. The Whistleblower who raises a concern and provides us with a contact number or email address and the one who makes full disclosure of his/her identity will be able to obtain information about the status of the report, through inquiry to whistleblowing@sigma.co.id.

If I have further questions about Telkomsigma Whistleblowing System, to whom should I addressed them?

If you have any more questions regarding WBS, you may contact our WBS Management Unit by email at whistleblowing@sigma.co.id.

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