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Our team is the dream team that reflects the great synergy of professionalism, expertise and solid experience that Telkomsigma has been known for in more than two decades. We are dedicatedin providing winning business solutions according to ICT development for various industries such as financial, banking and many others. We have established an excellent reputation as the only local company to provide integrated ICT solutions and services in Indonesia. It is through this reputation that we have established a solid foundation needed for our team to propel forward and achieve further success. 

Teuku Muda Nanta
President Commissioner
Mr. Teuku Muda Nanta serves as President Commissioner of Telkomsigma since July 2023. Currently, Mr. Nanta also serves as EGM of the Digital Connectivity Service (DCS) Division of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Bachelor’s Industrial Engineering degree from the Telkom College of Technology in Bandung, Mr. Nanta continued his Master of Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. During his career, Nanta has held a strategic positions in Telkom Indonesia, including EVP of the Enterprise Service Division (DES) of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (2021-2023), EVP of EVP Telkom Regional I (2014-2016) and EVP of Telkom Regional II (2016-2021).
Message From CEO
Ahmad Zaki Nasruddin
CEO Telkomsigma

In this rapid deployment of 4.0 technology which has been the main factor of industry growth, Telkomsigma as a direct subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. has taken an important role and strategic contribution in supporting Telkom Indonesia's vision to be the digital telco company in Indonesia.


We also have been realizing our transformation to become a B2B Digital IT Service Company with the spirit of change through various product innovations and ICT infrastructure services, as concrete evidence of Telkomsigma's contribution to Indonesia.


Telkomsigma has been positioned as a digital growth engine Telkom Group which focuses on presenting digital IT Services for the B2B sector in Indonesia, with its main focus on IT Services, Digital Solutions, and focusing on cloud business development to expand Indonesia's digital economic accelerator.


In realizing Telkom's main program in B2B Digital IT Services, Telkomsigma has carried out various corporate actions, starting from the enhancement of capacity and capability of product services, as well as carrying out various fundamental capabilities by forming strategic partnerships with several global technology providers.


Based on The Future of Cloud in 2025 research by Gartner, Indonesia's cloud market size in 2025 is predicted to reach Rp. 39.3 Trillion with a 2020-2025 CAGR presentation of 27%. As a leading ICT company in Indonesia, we take this as an excellent opportunity for Telkomsigma, to continuously provide ICT-based business service solutions in accelerating the digital transformation in Indonesia.


Telkomsigma is now also positioned as one of the biggest IT Service providers in Indonesia, capable to deliver various competencies in specific IT services that can be utilized by multi-segment industries. As well as banking, telecommunications, energy, transportation, manufacturing, to health and food industries.


With the presence of our comprehensive ICT solutions complied with global standards, supported by more than 700 certified IT professionals, Telkomsigma is a trusted digital partner that is capable to transform your industries and raising your business scalability through End-to-End ICT-based business solutions.

Ahmad Zaki Nasruddin - CEO Telkomsigma

Teuku Muda Nanta
President Commissioner
Farida Sunarjati
Independent Commissioner
Budi Setyawan Wijaya
Rizal Akbar
Ahmad Zaki Nasruddin
President Director
I Wayan Sukerta
Director of Delivery & Operation
Rina Susanti
Director of Finance & Risk Management
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