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Telkomsigma Choosing Empyrean Solutions As A Strategic Partners To Address The IFRS 9/PSAK 71

Providing an advanced technology in Changing The Way Financial Institutions Respond To Regulations.


IFRS 9/PSAK 71 is a global accounting standard that will become effective in Indonesia in January 2020, as imposed by OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan). It will require the Financial Industry to apply forward looking calculations based on macro-economic data to justify the expected credit loss provisions.


Telkomsigma has selected Empyrean Solutions to service their core banking customers based on the advanced technology that allows the complex IFRS 9/PSAK 71 calculations to run in record times on big sets of data. The Empyrean IFRS9 solution can also be deployed in various ways (in cloud, on premise or a combination of both), which makes it easy for Telkomsigma to offer different implementation approaches to their core banking customers.

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Based on the synergy between Telkomsigma and Empyrean Solutions, a strategic alliance to address the IFRS 9/PSAK 71 challenges for the Indonesian Financial Market has been established.

A team of 20 Telkomsigma consultants have already been trained and certified on the Empyrean IFRS9 Solution. Together with the local team of Empyrean Solutions Indonesia they will guarantee a smooth implementation and after-care. Empyrean Solutions Apac has recently opened a new office in Jakarta based in the heart of city, Equity tower SCBD Sudirman to service the Indonesian financial industry


“We’re very delighted to service and work together with Telkomsigma, one of the largest and most experienced IFRS 9 teams in Indonesia. Together we will address all the challenges imposed by IFRS 9” said Chris Puype, CEO of Empyrean Solutions APAC.


“As the biggest IT company in Indonesia, we have commited to deliver the IT benefits to all client, adoption the new technology in support them to comply the regulations. We believe that Empyrean Solutions APAC will be the best partner in implementing IFRS 9/PSAK 71 to our existing customers and other banks in Indonesia,” said Judi Achmadi, CEO Telkomsigma.


Empyrean Solutions Apac is the pioneer in real time enterprise wide Risk and Finance calculations for the Financial Industry. The head office and global development center is based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Empyrean Solutions Apac is helping Financial Institutions to respond faster and more cost effective to the global regulatory trends in Risk and Finance by offering Tomorrow’s Solutions Today.









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