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telkomsigma providing erp solution for semen baturaja

Telkomsigma Supports Telkom Indonesia in Providing ERP Solutions for PT. Semen Baturaja

Palembang — The rapid development of digital technology now requires companies to adapt well. Only businesses that are sensitive and adaptive to digital change will survive and come out as the winner.

This is realized by Telkom Indonesia as the largest ICT provider in Indonesia, which carries the mission to lead digital innovation in Indonesia, by providing various solutions to the needs of ICT in the context of digital transformation, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

One of the SOEs that began implementing the leading ERP system based on Application and Product In Data Processing (SAP) in early 2019 was PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk.

Semen Baturaja President Director Jobi Triananda said, the implementation of SAP-based ERP can facilitate the process of communication and interaction between work units and partners, as well as data management and information which can be more integrated and organized.

Telkom also provides a server along with a special VPN and ASTINet link, to support the operations. Timeliness of delivery and SAP ERP operations received appreciation from Jobi. The SAP ERP implementation at PT Semen Baturaja can meet the company’s needs for convenience, speed and comfort for the business chain of suppliers, customers, internal work units and other stakeholders.

Which this is in line with the mission of PT Semen Baturaja to ensure customer satisfaction by prioritizing excellent service. “Through its subsidiary Telkomsigma, the Telkom Group presents an ERP solution using services from SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft which have been worldwide proven,” said Executive Vice President of Telkom’s Enterprise Service Division Judi Achmadi.

We become an ERP Gold Partner who can provide a complete system from implementation; ERP operations include Tier-3 Data Centers, infrastructure, licenses, operational support; and also change management.

The implementation of ERP solutions is a meeting point where technology brings perfect collaboration to run a company’s business processes, by integrating human resources, systems, and information to bring the company towards better, effective, and efficient activities.

In addition, other advantages of ERP also help companies to digitize financial processes, control supply chains, respond to the procurement of company needs, manage effective product life cycle, and provide a detailed insight about the company’s business.

Judi Achmadi conveyed three main business activities that should be used as guidelines for the company – Drive Up Revenue, Drive Down Cost, Drive Up SLA. Companies must focus on activities that can increase revenue, and leave all activities that use high costs, so they can provide the best service to customers.

In addition to PT Semen Baturaja, ERP has also been implemented at PT Perkebunan Nusantara, PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum, PT Housing Development, PT Industri Kereta Api, Pegadaian, Kalla Group, Medan Industrial Zone, PT Pelni, PT Indofarma, PT Bhanda Graha Reksa, Perum Peruri , PT ASDP, and all BUMN Karya.

With the implementation of ERP as one of the company’s steps to embrace digital transformation, it is hoped in the future it can be used as a competitive advantage to win the competition.

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