Nov 11

Telkomsigma Presents FUTURIA as The Digital Experience Innovation at 2019 Central Java Fair

As a form of support in accelerating the growth of creative industry as well as enlivening the new way of creative entertainment starting in the Central Java (Semarang), FUTURIA is presented by Telkomsigma as the breakthrough technology in providing interactive digital art.


FUTURIA has officially presented and launched in conjunction with the Central Java Fair 2019 at the PRPP Complex in Semarang, Central Java, with the thematic event this year called as “Glorious Borobudur”.

By offering digital village tourism innovations combined with the concept of local art & Indonesia’s creative culture, FUTURIA is packaged with millennial style and designed by tailoring various technologies for presenting the real digital experience in a new way.

At Jateng Fair 2019, FUTURIA is the breakthrough and collaboration of automation-based technology devices including IoT, Augmented Reality, that can be tested by visitors to living up the FUTURIA’s digital tourism village area.

The digital art installation in FUTURIA illustrates the atmosphere of a tourist village combined with traditional art. For example, FUTURIA has a gamelan play that supported with VR technology, the blangkon room with VA technology to accompany visitors to the Raden Saleh cultural park, and many more.

The Governor of Central Java, Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, had the opportunity to directly observed FUTURIA, and appreciated FUTURIA as the breakthrough in presenting art packed with technology elements to raise the value of Indonesia’s cultural richness.

He added, FUTURIA also has the value of benefits for supporting the growth of smart city in Indonesia, seen from the presence of FUTURIA’s e-Fishery application as an innovative way to conduct fish farming, as well as watering plants through e-hydroponic applications, which could be tested by visitors.

By targeting creative millennial segments, culture enthusiasts, and active users of social media, FUTURIA is designed to drive the creativity and cultural value for public widely.

“FUTURIA has become an innovation that is able to educate the public about Indonesian culture by utilizing a series of 4.0-based technologies that are all implemented by Telkomsigma”, said CEO of Telkomsigma, Sihmirmo Adi.

The digital experience creation through FUTURIA has become one of the realization of Telkomsigma which emphasizes the role of Telkomsigma as a pillar of TelkomGroup digitalization. FUTURIA has also become one of Telkomsigma’s serious efforts in advancing digital entertainment in Indonesia, after being officially registered as a member of the International Association of Amusement Park (IAAPA) since 2018.

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