Telkomsigma – Indonesia Data Center, Cloud, and Colocation Server

We provide international standard Data Center Infrastructure Uptime Institute Tier III and Tier IV that can guarantee reliability, security, and management of Data Center management as a Production or Disaster Recovery Center in a professional manner to provide Always ON services to maintain the business continuity of each of our Indonesia-based client.

Robust, Highly Secure Data Center

Telkomsigma data center and colocation service is trusted by over 283 clients based in Jakarta as well as other cities in Indonesia, from various industries including highly regulated banking & financial industry.


Uptime institute Tier III & Tier IV certified data center solutions


Local & International Network Providers (Carrier Neutral Data Center)


Network Devices Monitored


Data Center Related Experts

Working Room Colocation

We provide workspaces for customers who use Colocation services. With more than 20 years of experience in managing data center, we fully understand the client’s needs and requirement for the room and facilities. For customers’ IT operation people and end users telkomsigma provides working rooms which are connected to the servers. Customers can choose dedicated or shared working rooms to suit their needs.

Data Center Design and Consulting

All of our experts are ready to help clients to have a reliable Data Center that is able to meet the needs of each client appropriately and effectively, carefully planned through professional Data Center consulting and design services. Starting from how to determine the right concept of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), data center upgrade needs, to data center assessment.

Data Center Construction

We are experienced in providing professional data center development services that can be utilized by clients to have a data center that refers to international standards.
  • Experienced of construction of own data centers & customer’s data centers.
  • Capability to build custom data center services which incorporates small to large scale data center construction based on the unique business needs.

Managed Operation

Operational services and overall management of data center infrastructures that provide convenience to clients so that it does not need to place the technical team in Data Center onpremise, to increase the value of efficiency, minimize risk, and be able to keep clients focused on their main business.

Data Center Disaster Recovery

Telkomsigma provides DR services in order to ensure the continuity of the customer’s IT operations while running continuously ON. DRC services consist of provision, data center infrastructure, network connections, and DRC trial activities. This service helps customers focus on their core business without worrying about problems caused by unexpected things.
  • In providing Data Recovery Services, we are not here only to rent out a location, but to offer total comprehensive services related to disaster recovery process including test runs (DRC Drill). Telkomsigma capable of this through our experience of more than 500 test runs and 10 actual real live recoveries.
  • With managing more than one data center, telkomsigma not only serves DRC for our clients, we also have own Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Data Recovery Plan (DRP) as well. This is one way we can guarantee service quality assurance in case telkomsigma itself is hit by a disaster.
  • With ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 20000-1 certifications which is periodically audited, our clients can expect high quality service standards as well as physical security, confidentiality, integrity and data availability.
  • Telkomsigma implement Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 framework for IT services including data center operational.

DC Building Cross Connect

Interconnection services in the data center building using fiber optic cable (FO) or UTP that connects one location to another such as from MMR (Meet Me Room) to Server Rack, colocation room to working room or between colocation rooms.