Our team is the dream team that reflects the great synergy of professionalism, expertise and solid experience that Telkomsigma has been known for in more than two decades. We are dedicatedin providing winning business solutions according to ICT development for various industries such as financial, banking and many others. We have established an excellent reputation as the only local company to provide integrated ICT solutions and services in Indonesia. It is through this reputation that we have established a solid foundation needed for our team to propel forward and achieve further success.

Currently in parallel as a President Commissioner of Telkomsigma, Budi is served as Director of Strategic Portfolio PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero). Previously, Budi took a role as CEO of PT Admedika. Budi has many contributed himself and succeed in various projects during his career at PT Telkom. He completed his bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering at Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom, and continued his master of financial management study at Sekolah Tinggi Management Bandung.

Message From CEO

In this rapid deployment of 4.0 technology which has been the main factor of industry growth, Telkomsigma as a part of TelkomGroup has taken the important role and strategic contribution in supporting the establishment of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk business pillars, particularly in terms of Digital Platform and Digital Services portfolio.


Telkomsigma has committed to strengthening its position as the leading ICT provider in Indonesia by presenting innovations and solutions that creating a massive contribution to level-up the industry into the future. So as enabling Telkomsigma to continuously step forward and achieving Telkomsigma big vision as The Preferred Digital Transformation Partner”.


Currently, after having a track record in ICT infrastructure for more than 20 years, Telkomsigma has provided capability in ICT services that can comprehensively be implemented to meet the demands of ICT solutions in Indonesia. By 2020, Telkomsigma has focusing on ICT solutions which is divided into four business portfolios, i.e. Data Center, Cloud, IT Services, and Digital Services.


Telkomsigma is not only positioned as the leading Data Center service provider in Indonesia but also we recognized as the leading IT Service provider capable to deliver various competencies in specific IT services that can be utilized by multi-segment industries. As well as banking, telecommunications, energy, transportation, manufacture, up to health and food industry.


With the presence of world-class Data Center infrastructure that complied with the Uptime Tier IV and Tier III standards, supported by more than 700 certified IT professionals, Telkomsigma is a trusted digital partner that capable to transform your industries and leveraging the scalability through the End-to-End ICT based business optimization.


Roberto Surya Negara – PGS President Director


Andi Agus Akbar

Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid

Budi Setyawan Wijaya
President Commissioner

Rizal Akbar


I Wayan Sukerta
Director of Delivery and Operation

Roberto Surya Negara
(PGS) President Director

Tanto Suratno
Director of Business and Sales