System integration solution

The Next Generation of Banking System Software & Financial Applications

As a largest provider of own software development in Indonesia, supported by expert practitioners, best infrastructure, and experience as system integrator company in Indonesia for more than 30 years, Telkomsigma comes as a trusted and reliable partner of own software developer that is able to be utilized by industries to accelerate business from all segments in Indonesia.

Microsoft partner software


Telkomsigma is here to provide software license/software package thoroughly to Indonesia’s market which is able adaptable to customer needs and demands, as a result of collaboration with various international strategic partners, implemented through the Telkomsigma Group. Such as follows: Oracle Solution, Microsoft Solution, SAP Solution, RedHat Solution, Vmware, Zerto.

Professional System Integrator Service

System Integrator

As the largest system integrator solutions provider with more than 20 years’ experience, Telkomsigma complements its Integrity System portfolio by presenting professional IT Consulting Services that include IT infrastructure design consulting, supported by experienced expert practitioner who are reliable in-supporting customers to meet IT implementation needs. IT infrastructure design consultant ranging from levels: network, server, storage, databases, applications

Hardware Support Telkomsigma

Hardware Solution

Telkomsigma is able to meet the all specific needs In system integration solution through the provision of hardware devices supported by certified Server Experts, and able to be obtained simultaneously with IT Managed Services, to get the best cost benefit and effectiveness of performance.

Core Banking Software Alpha Bits NG

Alpha Bits NG is a comprehensive and integrated core banking solution which able to increase banking business scalability value. This solution refers to government regulatory standards that can be adapted to the needs of each bank, both of Conventional and Sharia Banks.

Alpha BITS NG has the following modules:

Core banking service system

01. Core Banking

  • Alphabits NG Syariah
  • Alphabits NG Conventional
  • Arium Treasury & Investment

02. DigiX – Digital Banking Solutions

  • DigiX – Digital Mobile Banking – Omnichannel
  • DigiX – Internet Banking Individual – Omnichannel
  • DigiX – Internet Banking Corporate
  • DigiX – eMoney/Digital Wallet
  • DigiX – eKTP Based Origination
  • DigiX – Telkomsigma ePayment
  • DigiX – Mobile Merchant (MobileApps EDC)
  • DigiX – Banking Integration Service with Open API
  • DigiX – BI Fast Module
  • Switching for Card Based Transaction
  • Arium Laku Pandai

03.  Arium Reporting

  • Datalake – Reporting & Analityc
  • Arium PSAK 50/55
  • Arium PSAK 71
  • Arium SPAN
  • Arium XBLR

04. Finance Support Solution

  • Arium Consumer Asset Management System (CAMS)
  • Arium Loan Origination
  • Arium M-Force

SATU Suites Banking Solution
Banking operation service system

SATU Suites Banking System

SATU (Sarana Transaksi Keuangan) is an Information Technology services and solution that refers to the regulatory of Bank Indonesia in providing professional total banking solutions of IT management, software, hardware, and infrastructure to support BPR, BPR Sharia, Cooperative also BMT with minimal investment. SATU Suites have the following modules:

01. Bank Operation & Finance

  • Core Banking System / Sistem Perbankan (Konvensional & Syariah)
  • Sistem Koperasi
  • Analytic Services
  • Loan Origination System (LOS)

02. Banking Integration

  • Middleware
  • Switching

03. Banking Channel

  • ATM & Card Management
  • EDC
  • SMS Banking
  • Mobile Branch
  • Mobile Banking
  • SATU Wallet
  • Mobile Agent
  • Laku Pandai

Arium ERP
Arium ERP Module

Arium ERP Software

Arium Financial Services is a supporting system for financial operations through various modules that enables banks and financial institutions to carry out a modern and easy financial transaction. Arium Financial Services supported by the best quality of services and infrastructure of Telkomsigma. Arium Financial Services are divided into several services as follows:

Arium ERP Module

  • Finance Management System (FMS)
  • Project Monitoring System
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  • Asset Managemet (AMS)
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Sales & Marketing